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We're not just some tech company that created an insurance app - We're Insurance industry experts that come from generations of family that have owned and managed local insurance agencies. We know what our customers need and we know there's a “better way” of giving them what they deserve.

LUNA is a Service-Tech First Insurance Brokerage that is changing the face of Insurance. We offer our clients insurance quotes from 5 of the top 7 personal lines insurance providers in the country, every renewal, without hassle, guaranteed. Most of all, we deliver an industry unique approach to how you are treated after the sale — the “night-and-day” difference — LUNA guarantees you'll never want to change insurance agents again.


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Frequently Asked QuestionsYou asked, we answered

LUNA is an online insurance brokerage. We don't replace the insurance company, we shop the insurance companies and keep them honest for our clients. We are insurance advisors that consult our clients from sale to service to claim and have your back in the face of insurance companies. Best part is we shop your rate for free! You will never pay more for our concierge quoting service than what you already pay the insurance carrier in premium.

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Receive quotes within 2 minutes
No spam - we get straight to business
Always here for you, day and night